This a STEM game was made for the Australian Video Game STEM Challenge. It was made at school with Moshipikachu and MilesFM. Later on, after 1.0 was release, zapper_max join!

A game in which you need to drop shapes onto activation pads to advance to a certain number of faces, edges or vertices.


  • Move: WASD
  • Jump: Space
  • Sprint: Shift + WASD
  • Pickup Object: Left-Mouse-Button
  • Drop Object: Right-Mouse-Button
  • Reset Level: R
  • Pause Menu: Escape

Made by Moshipikachu, MilesFM and zapper_max.

Custom Mapping Support:

To install custom maps download a file called "levelmap" which someone else has created and place it in the same folder as the Shapedrop executable.

To create custom maps download the and open in Unity 5.6.3. Then read the "readme.txt" and look at "examplescene". Once you have made your map, go to the export tab and the top and do as follows.

Custom maps may be posted on the discussion board.

Install instructions

Download the correct file for your platform and 32bit and 64 bit for windows. Extract the file and run the executable.


Windows 64bit 16 MB
Windows 32bit 14 MB
Mac 30 MB
Linux 32 MB
Custom Map Support 23 MB

Development log

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