• If you have noticed, there is a newsletter. Check here for updates and info on shape drop. It updates automatically without you having to re-update your game.

  • A new member, zapper_max! His icon should come into the following builds but at the moment he doesn’t have a set universal icon.

  • WebGL was removed, for now. It will be reintroduced soon.

  • 64 bit for Windows removed. 64 bit isn’t currently needed as Windows can run both and it takes building time but it will come back like WebGL.

  • Our game was picked for the Australian STEM competition so we can now enter (this is why zapper_max is joining the team).


Windows 20 MB
Jun 17, 2017
Mac 36 MB
Jun 17, 2017
Linux 38 MB
Jun 17, 2017

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